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hello, las vegas and all over the world this is madam vanessa,

hello, las vegas and  people all over the world , this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,  I open my heart as  writer and researcher and woman biographer of las vegas in the 1970’s.  I share my life and my experiences of living in las vegas ,

in the 1970’s as a hooker  also with a message  to help all women get off the street.

I started my life in las vegas, nv in august1971. living at unlv Tonopah hall dorm and I lived on an all women’s floor and I also studied psychology at unlv then.

come , walk back   to  the streets in  las vegas in the 1970’s, with me.

From our panorama  paper , that was delivered in the 1970’s for 52 weeks ,starting  at 6 dollars.

our ads I write from this paper re at our Maryland square where our special place wonderworld across from the  blvd mall by  Maryland pkwy and twain blvd.

at 3661 Maryland pkwy at our Maryland square shopping center. in the year 1970

we have a clothing store called t.nt.- the nu trend, unisex

custom leather, jakckets , skirts, belts, purses, our headbands , then and sashes, flair pants- mod body – jewelry in the paper there is a 10 per cent off coupon for purchase at this place, open 11am-til 9am

Also at this time we had another clothing store called , call it macaroni,, that had mod clothes and pants for men. this store  call it macaroni moved to our las vegas plaz shopping mall in 1973 across from our stardust.

about our Maryland square, this place was still triving from across the street from our blvd mall in the 1980’s with our wonderworld , that will be a payless soon, our bar the serene room is  still busy in the 1990’s our Shelley’s coin store is still here, our special deli sandwich called 300 sandwiches is still here and had great sandwiches, our al Philips the cleaner is here, we have nail salon, furniture stores, I want to remember our wonderworld in the 1980’s for a post office place, a place to buy makeup, slot machines and a junk food snak bar and a good size pharmacy.

in the 1990;s we have a nice used clothing place by our junior league, I want to remember we also a big man clothing store.

I just liked walking to our wonderworld and our blvd mall in the  year 1971-1973 on the weekends after classes at unlv. yes I still have my pretty jewelry box from wonder world, my checks with my 1970’s photo of me taken at our blvd mall , the checks are from our bank then first national bank,  on mayrland and twian , now the bank is wells fargo.

I also kept my 1970’s minor sheriff’s card. that was yellow with a finger print and stamped minor , that I misplaced as soon as I got back to las vegas , in 1985, oh well, I also still have an orange felt piggy bank from our special place called Woolworth’s from our blvd mall and a brass wedding ring I bought there in `1973 with my best friend madam dee then.

then I have  some pretty pink plates and other glassware from an antique store from boulder hi way , that I bought my boyfriend dan lee in 1973.

so I shared with all my special 1970’s madam Vanessa treaures from las vegas.

This weekend, I am trying to getting over my disappointment of not getting a writer’s grant thru our Nevada arts council , in the state of Nevada, I guess I was ineligible as a writer and I worked over  1o hours applying and writing for this grant on line and  I worked very hard writing my biography for over 2 years now. I still need funding to write my real life story on this blog and put a book together about my life living in las vegas, I really want to apply  again for another’s writer’s grant and get funding.

thank you, madam Vanessa,

I will share more stories about my life and walk back with  me to streets of las vegas, nv in the 1970’s

this is madam Vanessa, signing off.

having lunch in 1972 with bartender , and my neighbor at our copper cart

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970′,s

I always say I have many stories of my life living in las vegas, first as a college student  studying psychology at unlv and living at our only dorm Tonopah, and on only women’s 6th floor of the dorm and  our student dining was at our bookstore at unlv, and when I was at our special collections libraby at james Dickinson libraby  in 1998, I asked for a photo of our student dining hall for the dorm and I was told there was no photos of this. I would like to research at our special collections, now for about our history of  our judy bailey theatre , since my boyfriend dan lee , was in our first play at this theatre in may of 1972, that w ould be fun to  find  this old  unlv student newspaper.

The ads from our panorama paper are from  the year 1970

this ad is a political ad and it is written retain james Kelly as our judge , in the north las vegas town ship, which includes   north las  vegas sunrise manor, east college and wherry precincts

In our panorama paper in the 1970  , steve miller who became our  assemblyman, later on in las vegas, had a column as a writer in this paper , his column was aware of the times

and I just zerox the ads I places  I would be at and maybe find a few people I knew then as  a hooker in 1972. I have  Xeroxed copies of the aware of the time, because I liked all our history of shopping and dining in  las vegas in 1972–1973, since I lived in las vegas for 2 years.

my good friend dino  from our la concha motel who was a hairdresser in the 1970’s, set me up on a blind date to meet the day bartender ron at our very  fancy and well known 1970’s restaurant and bar our copper cart, which was right next to our la concha motel and our el morocco motel and coffee shop, with a slot area , this was all next to our Riviera .

in 1998 I would see our copper cart with the big yellow booths and the old copper cart bar which was now a sushi bar. our la concha motel beauty salon where my friend dino worked was on the outside and looked old in 1998. these properties were owned by the doumanis  and our neon museum took  the la concha motel as their office maybe in 2000. I would like to see this at the neon museum and buy souvenirs saying la concha motel

and there has to be someone else in las vegas that has stories like me of our copper cart and the la concha motel now.

in 1972 I met bartender ron for lunch at our  copper cart. my  new friend ron was 24 years young , tall and had black hair.

when I met ron , we talked about where we both lived and we both lived in our little studios at our off campus apts at 777 naples by our jungle club.

ron knew I was dino’s girl  as a hooker,

my friend dino was very good to me , he gave my tel # to all his friends that I could party with for sex and money. I never had to sleep with dino or give a cut of  my dates. all dino wanted from  mewas  give his friends a  good time in bed and be nice to  his friends which I was then as a young woman being a callgirl in 1972-1973.

so when I met ron at the bar of the copper cart.  ron ordered me a coke to drink and  I had the best  monte cristo club sandwich ever and ron   treated  me to lunch.

and since we were neighbors  we  could become friends and maybe hangout with his other friends.

one nite on Saturday, iwent our with ron and his female friend that lived at our apts

we all had dinner together  at our clean downtown and not crowded then, and walked thru our smaller casinos then. which I always believe was safe then to walk around downtown with people at nite.

Our copper cart restaurant  was a well known place with very good food and know for good prime rib dinners.

here is another

cute ad from our panorama paper

rose bowl

las vegas newest and most modern  racebook,

with some old familiar faces, : Francis, Al. ted, tommy and mat. this photo , I guess is the men who worked at this small race book. in 1985 I saw many small sports books and I applied at this place I guess for a waitress job, that I  did not get then, it was meant for me to get hired at our dunes casino in  the summer of 1986, and I really loved my job at the dunes as  a cocktail server for 4 and years with all my great friend then.

I want to write about one more date with my neighbor  ron who was our bartender at our copper cart in 1972, 1973.

thank you , this is madam Vanessa signing off

this rose bowl ad also say wagering on all sporting events, 3203 s. las vegas blvd, on the strip between the desert inn and sands hotel

to write my 1970’s biography, i will miss sharing our 1970’s panorama paper

hello  this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

I will be sharing two more stories before I start journaling my book that I am going to write to share my experiences of being a 19year old call girl in las vegas in 1972 to always help women get off the street. and I write today if I am to write my  life story with all my memories of living in our city of las vegasin 1972-1973 as a prostitute then, I cannot share my special paper scrapbook, I put together in 1998 of  many Xeroxed ads from our las vegas gossip paper the panorama that cost 6.00  for 52 weeks.

here are some special ads from our panorama paper

it says in this paper in 1970

Hostess Charee Seale works at the  Lost knight lounge at the royal where the group wee five performed there, my friend  and madam dee would go to this club at nite in 1973 an  yes I was asked to leave one nite with my fake I.d  this was a cute place then. this is now our Barrymore restaurant on convention ctr drive.

the next ad says

Birthday girl- Paula was feted at restaurant Ciopino’s by her husband Eddie kiefaver who hosted a huge gathering at Pasquale’s Pasta parlor and I have no idea where these places where then or now.

in the 1990’s we have some singles gathering  for single people, in las vegas , nv

Our pretty place café Nicole, has the group funtimers , that I attend with my best friend charlotte in the early 1990’s on w. sahara road after bingo palace, I dined a t café Nicole with  in the early 1990’s with very good diners with my date terry.

our bagel ball that still has a xmas eve  dance, now use to meet for this fun event at our beach on convention center by our piero’s place, and the beach is an empty lot now.

A very fun place to meet and dance was our hop on e. Tropicana  road before spencer which was here in around 1989= maybe till 1998, this place played 50 and 60 music and lots of parties there and yes  I worked there as a cocktail server in 1990 and I remember going there many times  from 1990 till 1998 and having lots of fun there then.

we also had a place called kiefer’s on harmon where I think aria is now.

kiefer was up on a high floor in the late 1990’s and you could see the view of the strip this was a pretty place then. one time on flamingo and pecos there was a singles event after thanksgiving, that fun that I attended in 1992.

our single central of Nevada  was a fun dating service that lasted thru 1999, that I joined and probably did not meet anyone special.

I met more  more guys  to date in 1998 when I tended bar at the ram’s head by our stratosphere, plus I just  gave up on my writing of my 1970’s autobiographical book , which I called a 1970’s novel then,  to say the word I am a biographer in 2013 for my written radio scripts was quite a change for me.

And I say  no one would believe me that I dated an past casino owner executive and my friend that I dated worked very hard for this man. and also no one would belive me also in 1998 and 1999 that I dated a good guy who was a board of regent at unlv.

I wanted to write when I wrote  for the first time in 1998, I met people at this time who knew my friends in the 1970’s like at our copper cart and in may of 1998 this would be my last time to  see  my best friend bruce yates from 1972 and I spend special time with bruce in 1998 and I remeet my best friend bruce with friend mike smith in 1986 at our cooler lounge which is still here at e. lakemeade blvd and n.Decatur ave.

spending time with bruce  was always special  to me and still is.

and I write now that if I call bruce now with all the things I have opened up  as a writer I would just cry talking to bruce,  just like I told him on the phone in 2013 , I have a radio show about my life and I cried very hard talking to bruce and remembering our special time together as best friends starting in October in 1972 and ending in july of 1973, which was not true.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today

I have lots of stories to share with you.

thank you- madam vanessa

las, vegas, nv population

hello las vegas and all over the world, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

our las vegas population in the 1970’s was 307,ooo, people ,when I lived here also, in 1980 ‘s our population was 528,000 people, and in 1985 when madam Vanessa came back to town with a  las vegas madam Vanessa, reference we had maybe 700,00 people living in las vegas then.

In the 1970’s our hotels supported charities.  governor mike cahlan served his term from 1971-1979, then bob list was our governor from 1979-1983,

Oran gregson was our las vegas city major from 1959-1975, then mr briare, was our major of the city of the las vegas in 1975-1983.

in 1979, mr . bob stupak opened our busy casino vegas world,

our union plaza I belive opened in 1971 and opened as the world’s largest casino and hotel in downtown, las vegas, so I say as madam Vanessa, my friend , madam dee and I visit this place on a Saturday, in 1973 to hear  a band play  music with a stage over the bar with cocktails in the afternoon, always. and when I work there as a cocktail server this stage is there at this casino was closed then.

our hospitals then are sunrise,

north las vegas hospital, women’s hospital at e.sahara and burnham

and umc

where a very kind and good doctor, named Dr, Maurice niebaum, started his residency as a internist in 1966

in 1977 harry reid was our lieutenant governor, Jim santini and David Towel was our congressmen.

Myron Leavitt was our commissioner from 1975-1978.

Our criminal judge , judge Robert legakes was our judge from 1972-1983.

and Tony l. Abbantangelo was a city attorney then

when I was a cocktail server at our dunes casino  where our Bellagio  hotel is now, I worked in our pretty ricks lounge.

our special woman singers , then  were Darcy Spears,, peggy sparks, Diane Ellis,

Barbara ,Graham, who first taught music in school and then became a singer at our dunes lounge and also sang at the casino’s lounge in atlantic city   and at our rio. and  a singer of the name darcus speed, sang with her pretty voice at the dunes and went to our golden nugget

and  a very pretty and young laura resnick , daughter of our casino host ash resnick sang with great voice at our dunes rick ‘s lounge before 199o.

From our panorama ad with our las vegas plaza shopping center built in spring of 1973,  yes I do have a photo of the night gallery bar from the outside taken in 1998 with  the front outside of silver city.

in this shopping center in 1973 inside the we have Lloyd’s bootery- upper level south= men’s and women’s fine shoes,Deliso dubs shoes and Nettelon French Shriner-3025s. lv blvd

another store there is garwood – tapes and record. radios, tv accessproes- upper level south . I would liked to seen this record store and maybe I did. One of my last date’s   with marlin b- the 21dealer from our Tropicana in 1973 was walking around this cute mall with him and his 3 children.

I close today I  have many stories to share with about my life in the 1970’s living in las vegas, ,nv

in my message I say today

there is always  a way out of of leaving the life of a seller of sex, if you sincerely want to get out and maybe you have your inner strength to say  goodbye to this risky lifestyle of being an illegal prostitute. and I say to all of you today ,  and please remember there is always hope to get back on the right path of  life.

I am here to help all of you and I sincerely share my experiences of being a callgirl when I was 18 years young  in 1972, with honest messages to help all of you get  off the street.

thank you, madam Vanessa,

this is madam Vanessa, signing off today.

no one believes me with these 1970’s stories,

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

from our historicial las vegas plaza shopping center that opened in 1972, that probably closed some stores in the 1980’s in las vegas.

we had a store called tepee- authenic indian jewelry of distinction, handcrafted arts,

upper level south at this gone shopping mall.

another store is Sculpture in glass world’s most unique glass

See the lost art of glassblowing demonstrated- upper level south- 3025s. las vegas blvd where our ross store and Walgreen store is now.

in the  year  1972, I was told men staying in the hotels on our las vegas strip would offer to pay a hotel maid 50.00 to spank with a belt with sexual gratification and I also shared when I was a hooker at our crestview center in the same year , I was told I could spank men also for 50.00 to 70.00 and I thought this was weird to hit a man  for sexual kicks and very scary.

I also heard when I was a cocktail server  in the dunes  in the 1980’s ,we had a woman bar manager, that would set up the interested cocktail server to date our customers and when I heard this , I thought did you get fired  for not going out with some guy staying at  the hotel. it is weird for me to know one cocktail server at the dunes who made good money  in being a cocktail server was a hooker.  About the year in 1987 when I was a cocktail server, I use to serve drinks at our rick’s lounge , there were 3 prostitutes always sitting at the bar stools by the bar and this was the bar , the working ladies picked up their clients.

one nite after my shift one pretty hooker asked me flat our do you want to join us, I guess for a 3 some and I was so frightened of this, I thought to myself, I donot want to be used or get sick or get v.d or maybe get arrested. is what went thru my mind, and I said no to this pretty woman being  a hooker , who was raising her daughter on her own.

at the dunes I was told when vice cops come thru the bars at this hotel you donot tell  our 3 hookers in the ricks bar, vice cops, otherwise I get arrested also.

Now I write the last week I was with marlin,  I still donot understand why he took my 50.00, to be my pimp and took money out of my hand when, I was so young and I am sure at 19 years young I probably put things that were not there.  I always thought for the one month of time I spent with him, we never kissed or had sex together.

the last week I saw him .  marlin the 21 dealer from our Tropicana hotel, decided  I should spend the next four nites at his home. I say  lovely , now I can lose more business from him as a hooker. but I was naïve to belive he would get me higher price dates at the hotel Tropicana as a young prostitute.

I donot know what his game was or understood   this, I just liked him for being older, that is why I search for him  in what way I had available in 1985,except for thinking about bally’s.

I would spend four nites at marlin  apt on giles, I donot remember if he gave out his tel# for dates. I just remember liking sleeping over with him in his bed, but no sex, he turned me down for sex. we ordered food to be delivered every nite which was nice that Marlin paid for.

and then he complained after the fact that this was too expensive, which was junk since I knew he made very good money as a21 dealer  at a strip casino.

with these four nites, marlin decided he should hit me with a belt if I could take this from a customer  for  money,  marlin just took a belt and hit on my leg and I cried and screamed and this really hurt and of course this made a welt of black and blue on my leg. I guess this was why I stopped seeing marlin and when I came back to las vegas in 1985, to live in our city of las vegas,  I wanted to write I forgot , marlin hit me with a belt ,and I guess I remember this now that I wrote this in 2014 to share on  my radio show that I wrote and directed in 2013-2015, and I write now the more I write  the more I remember.

so I shared with all of you the real reason , I left marlin who 15 years older , than me  and was divorced with 2 young and cute kids.

I wrote before in 2000, marlin father passed away, larry bray at the age of 1990.

so my friend and I found his address and tel#, I contacted his  marlin wife , iris, to ask I f could see my friend  from 1973 and she said no.

that was not meant to  be for me and  at least I completed my search to find him, is how I look at that. I sometimes wish there was more people for me to find as this is my seond time I wrote about my real life in the 1970’s.

the third time I now write is gonna be an autobiographical book of my life of living in las vegas as a callgirl in the 1970’s with all my messages, which will   a very important experience to me and  always very special to me ..

I will share one more story of my life with you with one very special person to me in the 1970’s in las vegas.

then I will write my book.

thank you madam Vanessa,

this is madam Vanessa, signing off today.

I am truly flattered, now I have  3 people reading my blog now.

about our new shopping mall in 1972

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s

here is our panorama ad about our las vegas plaza built in 1973

the ad say las vegas most convenient shopping center and constructed with tourists. moving stairways, carpeted and air conditioned for comfort , open from 9 am till 10:45 p.m

this place was  across from our stardust  then and had on the 2nd floor a good Mexican food place. this was still here this food place and half the inside stores where gone in 1985.

in 1973 our cute wome’s lib , fashion store moved to this place which was once on e. sahara rd , next our plush horse bar then,

at this shopping plaza we had the night gallery cocktail lounge, called a drinking establishment, I was never inside this place and in 1998 I photographed and walked around the outside of this place. it was like I remember our silver city casino by then maybe gone and outside on convention drive , maybe a sign was still advertising these stores, but the building is gone with some tourists shop, another store in this ad was the barrel of shoes, women’s shoes and bags open 7 days, lower level south.

In my message I share with all of today I say as madam Vanessa, donot ever sell your self short and give up in life and be lured into the street  for sex, glamour and money as a prostitute and  take risks with your life , like being ripped from a client who tells you he will pay you later, now you had some one use you for no money.  or get beaten up badly by a john who paid you for this to get his sexual kicks this way and as a seller of sex you can get robbed and thrown naked on the street, and another risk you take is having unprotected sex for more money or the condoms rolls off and you get very sick from a vd. infection.

and getting arrested for soliticitation in clark county as a  illegal prostitute and your fine is 1000.00 and going to jail and you can be sentenced to 6months for breaking the law in clark county, when you have your sentencing with a judge, the district attorney in the courtroom, with your lawyer, I would not want to go thru any of  these risks ever again after being a hooker when I was 19years young in las vegas in 1972-1973.

I wanted to share from my experience you can get so wrapped into this rough lifestyle as a seller of sex like I did  when I was 19 years young in 1972 and  this felt like I could never get  out  by myself as long as I stayed in las vegas, I liked being on my own and standing on my own two feet as a young women being a prostitute.

This lifestyle destroyed all my goals for college and I gave up my special dream of getting a bachelors of psychology at unlv. I left unlv in the fall of 1972 to set a business as  paid whore in  my small studio apt by naples and paradise, with a phone and a bed with mouth to mouth referals for  clients then.

I wanted to write once  gave up my dream of completing college , I could never get this back.

At 19 and half years young I felt so emotionally hurt and used up physically by men as a hooker then.

And when I came home and left las vegas in 1973  and lived with my parents in calif, I felt I had no one to talk to about this and I was so hard on myself for my past now, that it took a long time for me to forgive myself , for putting myself  in such risks as a young seller of sex, which I did forgive my self eventually and I used to feel very embarrassed about this , but I had no reason to feel embarrassed since I was very straightforward and honest as to who I was then and I never ever ripped off a client.

I wanted to write  also from my own experience as a prostitute my life then was very lonely, I t  is also my own experience I met many men and women that just wanted to use me for their own selfish purposes, that I probably allowed since , I was young and naïve.

I was lucky to have good and honest friends like my best friends bruce yates and mike smith in las vegas , 1972-1973 to always to depend on then.

I want these honest and sincere messages to inspire all women to have positive and constructive lives.

thank you , madam Vanessa,

this is madam Vanessa signing off