for my best friend bruce

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970′.s

in September of 1972 when I live at my dorm at Tonopah hall , I met my best friend bruce yates who was visiting my roommate carol, bruce’s friend.

my new friend bruce told me in 1972 he was working for las vegas casting as  jewelry designer with owner Enrique salanzo which was upstairs in in an office with other jewelers like cerone,jewelers with my boyfriend dan friend al k.

cerone was a well known jewerler and would move to e. sahara by Maryland pkwy, I was told in 1985 and las vegas casiting moved to w, Charleston and Decatur becoming van buren and cox and closed in 2005. mr salanzo , the original owner of las vegas casting started being a jeweler in las vegas, nv in 1967.

I want to jump to a different topic.

I believe ever since I came back  to our special city of las vegas in 1985, I have wondered  when I was 19 years young in the month  of October 1972, I met  a very cute and Italian lawyer that I slept with money for a few times named tony and I always wondered who was the person, I never find anything about this man in our panorama paper in 1998, so I constantly ask anyone about this fact,

so yesterday I finally met a woman who worked at our court from 1975-thru the 1990’s.

this woman told attorney tony abbantangelo , that I met in 1972 was a divorce and  criminal attorney for maybe 20 years in las vegas and this good looking man passed away in the early 1990’s and died before his 60th b-day later and the  lawyer abbantangelo that I met in 1972  did not see his son become

judge. so I finally got my research on this attorney and it feels weird that I finally got this information that I searched for a long time without begging a legal person for this information.

I will continue talking about my best friends bruce yates and mike smith  who worked for las vegas casting jewelery designs in 1972 and 1973 in las vegas, nv.

right now, I have misplaced my  book of messages, that I worked so hard to write and to remember to help all of you, so when I find my book, I will continue to  share my messages.

thank you madam Vanessa-

shelley bristol


as s young woman being a prostitute, i heard older callgirls in the 1970’s of las vegas, wanted pretty coats from our hotels by being hooker then

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s .

this very true story is from 1972 how a woman who  was  a high class callgirl working out of a very pretty strip hotel and this tale of truth was told to me by  a strip 21 dealer.

this pretty older woman wanted a very fancy coat from the hotel  store so I guess she found a buyer for sex for some price maybe 300.oo then. the woman willing to give up her body for the coat  let  the client hit her  many times with a wet towel  wrapped up, for the c lient to get his kicks and for the female callgirl make her money.

this would hurt anyone getting up beaten with a wet towel and you might even bruise. I was so shocked when I heard this story and very frightened that this went on in a hotel and a hooker was willing to do this for a coat.

how sad. yes I heard many stories how hookers hung around the hotel late at nite in the 1970’s and 1980’s to sell their wares to men to earn enough money to buy a pretty warm coat from the hotel store and I think all these stories I heard then were true then.

I hoped today I  shared a good and sincere message to help all of you out there thinking about being a prostitute for sex and money.

thank you,

madam Vanessa

shelley bristol

A special and very pretty las vegas strip hotel in 1973

hello this madam vanesssa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

in 1973 I finally get a call to have a bellman get dates as a prostitute from our beautiful and classy hotel the Tropicana by lv. blvd and the Tropicana. I can now go walk around this hotel at nite or day and visit our bellman for dates or call them on the phone. they are nice bellman. I also can sit and buy drinks at this pretty lounge with music and chat with men for possible dates. this sounds so glamourous to all of us.  yes it was fun for I week at nite to listen to live music, I think the group playing in only one lounge was sam butera. I was really there with my friend dee and many men bought us  bottle of champagne’s to drink with  drinking  glasses. my friend dee and I were allowed to sit in this lounge and either propostion men for money and sex or the bellman were supposed send us dates,so we had no fear of vice throwing us out of the lounge as hookers.

honestly the  bellman at this hotel never gave us dates at the lounge . I was on my  own to  pick up men for money as a prostitute.  The price I could ask a well dress man at this lounge was a 100.00 . I had no fear to walk up to an older man  for this kind of money but I was still scared of getting arrested as a hooker by hotel , plain clothes cops. I did this once, I asked a very good looking man in his50’s if  he would like to party with for sex for 100.oo and then I asked him for his i.d and if he was staying at  this hotel and  he said yes and I told him once I get up to his room I want a 100.oo for an hour and he agreed to this

then we left the lounge and went up to his room. I felt I had  lots of nerve in me to ask a stranger for this kind of money for sex and to sleep with a stranger, that did not live here,

the risks I took going up to a strange man room to get undressed with I could have beat up badly or robbed or never paid for my services. I was a luck young lady with this nice looking and quiet man . we just went up to his room, got into to his room.

he gave me my 100.00 upfront , then we got undressed on his bed and laid down  had easy sex and that was my 100.oo date in a nice hotel in 1973. it was very scary to propostion a strange man and be that bold

I wanted to make money as a young hooker on my own in las vegas, like everyone else and have the bell desk get my dates for 50.oo a trick and the bellman cut was 40 percent so they got 20 dollars of my date. I realized as a prostitute I could make more money as a hooker with our local men that want to screw a young woman like myself  for 30.00 was the going rate in 1972-1973 and this was  an easier wa y to make money by having guys at my home at my little studio apt on naples by our unlv college campus. this lifestyle of screwing men for sex and money was not glamourous and was a very risky lifestyle for a young woman like myself.

I would like to share another message from the year 1973 at our Tropicana hotel with a callgirl and her client with all of you.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today

shelley Bristol

I am thinking about sharing our sentimental paper of gossip our panorama paper ads in the 1970’s with all of you  next time I write on my blog- website.

I will share another message

now that i admitted something

hello, this  is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I wanted to share this , message that I too was hit by a man with a belt  by my new companion marlin in 1973 as a hooker. this man thought I could take this and this really hurt, just to hit me on the leg and really bruise my leg.

I cried from this pain inflicted on me. so, if you out there thinking about being a prostitute for sex and money, it is possible  for a man buying  hooker will hit you for maybe sexual kicks, or slap because he wants his money or just hit to rip you off.

this is one reason. I left las vegas so I would not get beaten up as young woman of 19, selling her body, I  wouldnot want anyone to hit as a callgirl. I want all of you to think about .

and when I thought of marlin , when I came back to our city of las vegas,nv, I forgot he hit me to see if take this for a male client

paying for sexual services. I blocked this all out of mind and then  I remembered as  I started to write my book of my memories of being a callgirl in las vegas in 1972 when I was 19 years young. in the year 1998.

I am going to write on this blog a very special tribute to my mother with love

and try to remember our special times we shared in las vegas in the 1970’sthru 1990’s.

thank you madam Vanessa

. I will also write  messages to  always sincerely help all  of you stay out of the street , so you do not take serious risks with your life and always fulfill your dreams in life and never sell yourself short and give up on life , and get lured into the very rough world of prostitution , for sex and money

shelley bristol

the real reason, i will not see 21 dealer marlin bray in las vegas, nv 1973

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s. today’s memory of my life being a hooker in las vegas.nv  in 1973 at 19 years young , i will not share on twitter.

My friend marlin and my companion date had convinced ,since i was naïve at 19 ,that he could get me expensive dates as a young prostitute and marlin also . told me he wanted 50 per cent of these dates , which never happened. Marlin did say he was sorry for none of this happening and telling the bell  desk  not to call me for dates anymore  and i could not get the bell desk at the Tropicana to get my dates as a prostitute ,which was very hard to get that connection, to make better money as  a young prostitute, so i lost that  business for me.

marlin decided to pretend to get me expensive dates at the Tropicana hotel  from the men staying at this hotel,

so marlin told i should spend the next four nites at his apt  and feel what is like to spend the nite with a stranger for sex and money.

first of all i never slept with marlin, those four nites for thinking i was his girlfriend , he lied and told me maybe i would get a date from the hotel, which never happened,

then marlin decided since i want  to be an expensive prostitute  working in a hotel and could  few thousand in a month, which was never true.

my companion date decided to hit on my leg with a belt and told as a hooker i  should take this from a man paying for my sexual services. of course someone hitting you with a belt hard on my leg would hurt and i cried and  i had a big bruise on my leg. for a few days

so the next day i left marlin apt and i did not call him. he  called me a month later and wondered why i  had not called him.

this really hurt me emotionally and  for the four nites i stayed  at marlin’s apt , he was not affectionate to me and i also lost business  to  pay my bills then.

this all emotionally hurt me then and i forgot all this when i came back to our city of las vegas, nv in march of 1985, looking for marlin bray and i felt  like time  caught  up with and i had to leave las vegas in may of 1973 and i wanted to find marlin bray

which i did not then and in 1998 when i started to write my real life story of living in las vegas in 1972-1973 as callgirl,

i remembered all about marlin and when i look back at this one month relationship with him, things were not nice.

so, i say as shelley Bristol.

there was a message about this relationship for me to see.

this was painful for me to write  and share this with all  of you

i write today that being a callgirl and selling your body for sex and money is not so safe or glamourous. like we all think

men look at hooker as a object they can use to have no meaning sex  and get their rocks off and i guess a hooker looks like this for survival and a way to pay the bills which is not so safe, where you can get beat up, ripped off , catch v.d and get very sick and get arrested for solitication and go to jail.

thank you for reading my journal today

this is madam Vanessa, signing off for today

shelley Bristol. 0ct0ber 5.2015

i walk around our tropicana hotel as a hooker in 1973 , in las vegas , nv. then

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970.s

I continue to blog on my journal about dating marlin bray in 1972 who was a 21 dealer at our Tropicana hotel and his father larry bray was a floor man at the Tropicana hotel and in 1986 I was told marlin and his father went tour mgm hotel for jobs in 1973 and I say to myself in 1998 when I was writng my book why didn’t I think of looking at our bally’s casino in 1985 for people  from las vegas I knew in 1975.

now when I dated  21 dealer  marlin bray from our Tropicana hotel in February 1973 for one month of my life, who told our bellman at this hotel ,  I am with him , that took my callgirl business and making money for me  a little bit slower,

I enjoyed all the special dates  I had with marlin , I never slept with this person, or was he affectionate with me, we just liked being with each other. I had a nice date with him with his family at our peppermill restaurant for an early dinner and we all walked around our special and new   shopping mall across from the  stardust hotel, that just opened in 1972.

marlin bought a real pretty bellbottom pants in crepe gray for me from this shopping.

it was on a Friday nite that he took me to a very nice place for steak at bob taylor’s ranch steak house on anne rd ,which is still there.

my companion date  marlin decided after dating a few weeks, he offered to pimp me as a hooker and I could make a lot of money from  male clients staying at our Tropicana hotel, remember he is a floorman son there and making  good money there as a 21 dealer then in 1973, so I belived this tale to  be true and this never happened, instead I saw marlin just use me for being naïve and sweet and young at 19 years young and he is more worldly then at 34 years young in 1973.

I shared this memory with  you on my past radio show and on my blog.

the sad thing when  I came back to las vegas nv in 1985 I looked  and searched hard for marlin but I did not remember the rough game this man  played on me to be his hooker to make money off , but I remember everything when I started writing my memories of my life living in las vegas as a 19 year old callgirl in 1998.

one game marlin played with me is he told not to turn any tricks without him and if I did which I had to do to  survive as a hooker he would take my money, so he caught me one day and I had to give him my 50.00 , which was sad to me always to take my money that I really needed, which I thought was very callus and hard as I look back on this experience, this man would hurt me with another game and then he wondered why I had not called for a month and he asked me to move with him and   I just did not know what to say to him.

I will share next time I blog , what  marlin did to me and that I allowed , that emotionally and physically hurt is why I could not see him any more.

thank you this is  madam Vanessa signing off for today

shelley bristol