larry lapaglia, bar back at the riviera in 1973 and all about his lies.

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970.,s.  I wish to state this  the real name of this young man I met in 1973 from my good friend dino. this  very true story of my life  with this person in 1973 is  legally copyrighted and is also at our Nevada state museum in my own closed writer’s file.

my friend dino introduced to larry  lapaglia so I could have a nice friend to go out   with. so I called larry  at his home one day in march of 1973. he seemed nice to me on the phone and I expected to me  since he knew I was dino’ s friend then and larry knew I was a hooker as a young woman. the first lies he told me that he was a  widower and he wore a wedding band and then after I  got to know him he told me he could get $ 100.00 dates from his bar at the Riviera hotel. which never  happened.

I visted larry at  his apt  a few times and we talked and I called him on the phone and I visit  him at his workplace. his apt was across from battista’s and he lived upstairs. any ways when I came back here in 1985, I probably drove by his apt and I also remember the street by battista’s  which was Arnold had many apt there for workers at the casino’s to live at where  our linq hotel is now, it was interesting to see this street with only one old apt left on the street now for me.

I have shared  all about larry’s lies  2x times on my radio show and how I really felt

about all this which was  standing up to all  his taking advantage of me as a young woman in 1973 at 19  and doing my best to stand up and be courageous.

this happened to me july of 1973 and when I came back in 1986, I discussed what really happened with larry and a young woman said to me you had to know someone to help you and I said yes. then I found a beverage manager on  a job interview in 1986 and asked this nice woman is she knew larry from the Riviera and she said  yes and I got very angry and left the interview and never spoke another word of this until I wrote and typed this story in 1998 when I started to write my autobiography of being a callgirl in  las vegas in the 1970’s.

and to this day 42 years later, I have never walked into the restaurant battista’s and I always have wondered what would that feel like to me, but I have to have a date to take  me to battista’s, because this place is so fancy to me.

I need to mention I never slept with larry lapaglia, because I was a hooker in 1973.

I will continue  this  story of my life which is always a part of me and  never easy for to me forget.ever.

I wish to write and say with a good person working in our city that was also my good friend in 1972-1973

this nice man helped me call the cops on larry lapaglia at his work place at our Riviera hotel in july of 1973.

and this nice man that helped me in 1973, I would re-meet in 1985 at his work place in our city.

I will continue the real story of  my life with larry lapaglia, bar- back at the Riviera in 1973, who also say I  going to be a bartender at our mgm casino.

thank you  madam vanessa

i have tears in my heart that our riviera hotel and casino is closing

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s, this morning I would like share my memories of being at our Riviera hotel and casino. my first memory of this place in 1985 working at the outside as a snak bar attendant at  crowded and busy fight nite., I have only been in town in las vegas for 2 weeks then.

the next time I am at the rivieria  I park at the back parking lot to enter thru the personnel to apply for cocktail server job, that I did not get this job.

my special memory is with my best friend Julie , we were cocktail server at the dunes casino for four years together, so when we left the dunes casino after 1990 we met the bar manager lefty Kaplan at the casino, we paged him and we both asked for cocktail server jobs and we gave lefty our phone numbers if something opened up, that day we also went to  the frontier to see our dunes beverage manager carlos roeg to beg for cocktail servers job and mr roeg was so nice  to talk to always.

I always want to remember my special times with my best friend Julie who I would lose in a car accident in 1993.

my friend Julie  last cocktail server job was at el rancho before 1992 and my last cocktail server was at our jerry’s nugget, that was busy with locals and very safe in north las vegas

well at our Riviera, I remember seeing  a comedy show with my husband paul in 1986 and  I also remember eating at the very good coffee shop in 1985 by my self then.

about 1989 the Riviera had a very cute slot club to win cute jean jackets, hats for prizes, I won a Riviera  cap then.

in 1991 my mom, my aunt and uncle took a bus ride from California on a tour of las vegas.

and I likedthis casino, this place was in bankruptcy then, and reminded of me our dunes casino,

we all played 21  and I thought all the pit employees and dealers were very nice and we all dined in a good restaurant.

then in 1991. I wonder if anyone remembered on a weekend  in the back parking lot  about 1986 there were rides for our kids there.

I am sure there was a 2nd time  I applied with personnel at this casino for a cocktail server in the 1990’s.

in 2000 mr lefty  Kaplan daughter barry got married in a lovely ceremony with her husband to be in a banquet room  there.

I had a date for this occasion and we had a lovely dinner  there. this was interesting because my ex husband paul was a banquet waiter at this lovely event and  no I did not talk to my ex husband after we divorced 12 years later, but I remember this.

anyways I have my very special story of being introduced to bar back larry lapaglia at the Riviera in 1973 by my good friend dino, who was  a hairdresser at the la concha motel for awhile, then.

I have written this story about larry lapaglia, called all about larry lies with  many feelings about what  happened then in 1973 that  I wrote in 1998, when I just started writing my autobiography of living in las vegas for 6 months and writing then and  when I started to write  about my life  I told myself this is a 1970’s novel of my life which was never  true, so I learned as a writer what a really biography I have been writing now for 21 months now.

what is important in this story this would be my last day in las  vegas in july of1973  with larry lapaglia and we  across from his apt in our battista’s parking lot.

I will share this very true story about bar back larry lapaglia from the Riviera who I thought was my friend who was  not

thank you, madam Vanessa

it is very sad to me this lovely casino and hotel is closing to be imploded and we  all lose our las vegas history

talk of the town bookstore

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s

our talk of the town bookstore  was in our  crestwood center at 2232 e. Charleston,tel#385-9032,

it say here that this place moved at 1238 las vegas blvd maybe by main street. later on ,I saw this place in 1998,  I believe this is show girl video, now.

this bookstore , the talk of the town in the `1970 accepted  a bank americard  for a purchase according to our panorama paper, this place was opened 24 hours and called the supermarket of sex, and had a complete stock of marital aids. in 1972 I was sitting down there talking to the owner of the adult theatre, who at this time I did not realize I was  working as  young hooker then

this bookstore was busy and noisy and you know the vice cops were always in this place. in the panorama paper  it is dated the ist anniversary sale was 10-29-71,

I have the ad Xeroxed   that advertises, coupon specials

sexy key chain 49cents, erotic magnets 25 cents, party adult records 1.00, porno photo digest 2.00

in the paper, the las vegas mirror, that I have never seen, the talk of the town bookstore , in 3-29-79 had a 2 page the front of the store, and in the panorama  2-23-73, pix of crestwood shopping centr re-named the adult center

and I say as young woman in 1972 being a prostitute, I would go to work  for the owner of this bookstore and this man would send me to more expensive  sex dates at our hotel with male customers staying at the las vegas strip hotel for a 50.00 date and  my date arranger took  10 as his fee and this person and owner of this bookstore  I really  met and go to know and talked to him on the phone to send me out on dates and this man in his thirties was  a cruel business men and I would figure out on my own I had to leave our crestwood center being a prostitute that  I was never in a safe place and the way to get out of this rough place was to keep calling a client expected to stay at our Tropicana hotel, that never  got there  until very late and then my pimp yelled at me and never called me again, so I found a new circle  of guys to screw with money by mouth to mouth referral myphone, so I say I am  October of 1972, living in my apt on 777 naples dr by paradise, close to orjungle club and  unlv fraternity house. and I wanted to say when I came back to las vegas in 1985, I figured out on my own where the two pimps where from crestwood, I say on our east side of town with a escort service, and our crestwood center is still open till 1990, that I never saw again. the business man also opened before 1980 a dancer;s place and I will research these people and read up on these people in 1998 and a  writer will show up in 1998 and ask me if I would like to re-meet one of these business men and I said no and never wonder that  I made the right decision , but talking to me about this person and the fact that someone else maybe knew what I know that this business owner at the talk of the town bookstore was not  nice to women ever, like I always knew. I liked being a hooker and  making dates from my telephone and screwing guys at my apt better than being dropped off at the thearte to meet men in their cars, and go to their apts. which was not so safe looking back at this  , and seeing guys at my apt maybe that was safer, but still someone could have ripped me off and not paid for my sex or beat me up for sexual kicks. when I lived in my apt one of  the first johns was a very cute attorney , maybe in his thirties and he use to make  me laugh for the 3 times I slept with him as  a hooker and I still research to find anything on

tis attorney, since  to this day I cannot find anything about this attorney. I am a lucky woman that in 1972-1973, that  no pimp or john ever hit me  and  at this time I wish  in my view my  web assistant in 2014 her name is erma zurita at vegas all net radio where  I had  my madam Vanessa radio show for 18 months , mi ss zurita  suggested to  create stories of violence and mayhem about my life as  19 year old hooker to I guess exploit me  and my  biography is always  I s to be written all  honestly,

and it was honest  view that miss  zurita of vegas all net radio was laughing at my writing and my radio show.i say

as madam Vanessa, this  really my real life of being story o f being a hooker in las s vegas, nv in 1972-1973,

that I  will continue to share with all of youu

an erotic film

hello this madam vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

today  i wanted to share some ads for  our gallery adult mini theatre in crestwood center in 1970.the ad says this theartre was air conditioned, adults. only you must be 18years old and the price of a movie ticket then was 5.00

there was 1.00 off coupon to use for this place in the panorama paper sometimes the ad said the most erotic film ever shown and the nicest people attend our theatre regularly , you can  be proud to be with your wive or date.

in 1970 our mini gallery adult theatre was 702-385-9337.  i never saw a movie there. i just met men there for sex dates for 30.00 or 40.00 dollars   as a 18 year old hooker at the clients home for 30 minutes off sex. i would be   hooker at our crestwood center for 6months in  1972

i had no fear being a callgirl which was  also the word for hooker or a working lady is what  i was called then in 1972-1973.

this life at 18 years young thoughtwas so glamarous ,  making  money selling my body for sex and meeting so many men and i could be on my own and buy anything i wanted and go out to eat and buy groceries an have a car and have my own apt and allways be straightforward and honest  who i was and  stood on my own two feet and always be my own person, which would all be important to me one day to get myself back to las vegas 12 years later in 1985 where i would a strong and courageous woman in 1985 in las vegas with a very private past and.  when i had the courage to leave town and stop being a prostitute in 1973, i felt used emotionally and physically by men, i was also so hard o n my self and it took time to forgive myself for being a seller of sex as a young woman. i never felt embarassed about being  hooker, i was very honest and was a strong woman always.  and when  i came back to las vegas i would search for my best friend dee who lived by twain and swenson, but i knew she was gone and my best friend dee was a hooker who was a woman in her thirties and looked hard to people, but was always a  good friend to me i thought.

a letter of endorsement

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s . this is a letter of endorsement dated march 18-2015,

from our gay and lesbian center in las vegas,  Nevada  written by the  executive director  Michael  g. dimengo.

the  letter states I am writing this letter of support to speak about the value of effectiveness of madam vanessa writing and work as a radio talk show hostess and in her community service, in madam  Vanessa writing her autobiography she disclosed her extraordinary life and challenges she encountered as a young woman being a prostitute, madam Vanessa addressed the issues of the sex  trade.. sex trafficiking and prostitution. we believe madam Vanessa has a unique and important  message to communicate by doing so she assists the larger  community in becoming educated and aware of the social challenge of the sex industry, in addition  her writing and cancelled radio show by vegas allnet radio assisted sex workers. madam Vanessa writing and radio show enabled sex workers to become self educated and to discover the inner strengths that  they possess to regain their sense of self worth.  in addition to the work that she does in in her writing, madam Vanessa works to support the work of the gay and lesbian center of of southern Nevada and makes to referrals to programs that are hosted here.  she promotes the work of the center in which we reach out in the support of the lgbtq community throughout southern Nevada.

I would urge  your consideration of madam Vanessa in her request and pursuit of philanthropic support. madam Vanessa work is rather unique and serves a population that would otherwise would be left un served. there is really no outreach like hers in the entire community. madam Vanessa serves a unique community service


Michael g. dimengo

chief executive officer- the center.

I  say as madam Vanessa, this will always be a very special letter to  me to trying and making an attempt to help women get off the street. I worked very hard to get this endorsement to apply for a  writer’s grant,  in las vegas, nv.

my   now cancelled radio show and my writing  of my 1970’s autobiography was also endorsed by our lambdalv business network- our lgbt chamber  commerce by our corporate secretary- rob schelegel

I will continue to write  to help women get off the street and out of the prostitution trade. my book that I am writing was always written to help women who thought of engaging in prostitution,  to pay their bills,

and for women to read my real-life story of being a prostitute when I was 18-19 years young in 1972-1973 for 13 months in las vegas, nv  to inspire women to have positive and constructive lives

I will continue to write very helpful and meaning messages to help all of you on the street with my real life stories.

thank you madam Vanessa.

this coming Tuesday and maybe this Thursday,

I read  tarot cards for donations only for people at the bookstore get booked, from 6-9p.m

which is at the corner of naples dr. and paradise road, by the bar quadz.

I am a very skilled , honest, psychic, with many years  and experience reading tarot cards  for many people

1970’s -gallery adult theatre on . e. charleston

hello this is  madam Vanessa ,las vegas  talk of the town 1970,s

our gallery adult theatre had ads in  our panorama paper from 1970-1973 mostly advertising this place with coupons to pay less for a ticket, at this time in las vegas we had another adult movie theatre our  cinema arts and another theatre downtown.

when I worked out of this theatre with mouth to mouth referrals of men to have sex with money. I saved up enough money to get my first car which was a 1963 very small vw bug. this car was rough to drive, I paid 200.00 for this car and paid the taxes for  license plates. so now I could depend less on my boy friend dan to get around town. I kept this little car for 2months. my boyfriend  decided to sell my old car for 2 lids of grass, that  he could sell for money. that was my boyfriend dan , he wanted to sell grass and get high  and maybe I would by him some nice things and  making money as a whore I paid half the bills with him, since at 18 years young I  got fired my job as snack bar attendant at our ice capades chalet because someone granddaughter wanted my job and I met my boyfriend dan there as he worked as a cook upstairs in the ice capades chalet. how I really met my boyfriend dan that was so good looking to me, dan and the owner’s mom of the ice capades chalet came down the stairs arguing and dan got fired and asked me out that day when I was getting off  my shift.

and I say as madam Vanessa, it would be in 2013, I met the owner of the Nevada roller hockey, which was our ice capades chalet in 1972 and I walked thru the whole place and I saw this pretty old lounge which once a nice restaurant and then a pretty lounge in the 1970’s. I was so happy to see my ice capades chalet after all this time. in 1985 this place was big vacanted bldg. that was a Christian room in our commercial center and I finally saw where   I use to ride my bike on the Karen side of this place that is all closed now./ this was special to see this place again and write about being here now and being photographed inside there. I always want to remember being in commercial center in 1985 to find  our ice capades chalet owned by figure skater Ronnie Robertson and my boss was jerry damshroder.

I have one or two ads from the panorama on this place that I Xeroxed and I gave these copied ads from the panorama to the new owner at Nevada roller hockey , that has been there for 9 years now.

I really like our commercial center and how this center is really trying to revitalize and I am not done going back there to remember special things to me  and photograph being there and photograph state street,  our fancy restaurant  state street closed in 1988, which I just heard commercials on the radio  for this and then I finally met one person who is an antique dealer and waiter now who worked at state street , till this place closed. I also say in commercial center in 1985 we had a cute clothing store  called boris and brick tops,  a sandwich place, maybe our unity club was there upstairs,

we also had  dana McKay business school with books, and a nice white cross drugs, and our old commercial deli would get remodeled and I would work there as a waitress there for a few  days because this place over hired,  and from 1985-1991, i would always be in commercial center trying to figure out what happened to our ice capades chalet and this place would be all lockedup so i stopped visiting commercial center then in 1991

legally contracted

hello  this is madam Vanessa , las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s. today I wanted to share with all of you that all my written stories of my autobiography of being a hooker in 1972and in 1973 and my 75  shows written in 2013thru – 2015 all are legally copyrighted, since all my stories of my life living in las vegas for o ver 30 years are always special to me.

I wanted to continue to today about talking about our historical adult center our crestview center in 1970 that was by e. Charleston and eastern, where a  pawn store is now.

In 1972 I worked as hooker at this center thru the gallery adult mini theatre with a datearranger and  my pimp would call me to meet men in their car to go to their place for sex and money  and when I finished the  sex  date I would call my boyfriend dan to pick me  up at the parking lot at our crestwood center. this was how I started to be a hooker and no trick was allowed to know where I lived until I got my own apt I October of 1972 at 777 naplesdr by paradise, by our jungle club lounge and restaurant then. I always paid my date arranger his  fee of 5.00 always.As a young hooker I was honest and straightforward  as who I was and  I would be on my own as a young prostitute when my boyfriend dan and had a bad fall out in nov-1972.

I wanted to be alone and on my own as a young woman supporting herself in las vegas,  for 13 months.

one of the real owner of the crestwood center who owned the gallery adult theatre, I found out as a researcher was a gossip columnist in 1971 in our panorama paper and owned a bailbonds place downtown , then

I learned at the gallery adult theatre as a prostitute I could make more money with men by hitting them with a belt for sexual

gratification  and the charge was 50.00 for this sex service and I said no to this, this really scared me and one time some man called me for this sex service and I  said no I cannot  do this and I remember  everyone trying  to talk me into this to make more money as a whore and I said no.

I use to believe in the beginning  of being 18 years old and being a seller of sex that if I would not go along with men’s different sexual desires the pimp at the the theatre to give me dates would stop calling me, so I survived on less calls then.

I learned at this time  men like a nice young and soft whore like myself. and if you were nice to your sex clients these men would be nice to you and call you back. I could never rip off a client with his money, I was too afraid a sex client would hit you and there manystories then of hookers ripping of their pimps , who were asked to leave town then.

I t has never made sense to me all the stories I heard at about men throw hookers into the desert in the 1970’s and then I heard these stories again when I started to write my stories in 1998 and people have asked how did I survive this, because I left town in 1973 and did not come back to las vegas in 1985 with good reference to get settled here as a food waitress and I kept my mouth shut that I had past that was 12 years  ago and  I would not talk to anyone I was a hooker in 1973 and one day I opened my mouth to start researching my past at our unlv special collections libraby with our old r-j’s paper and our panorama paper in 1998 where I wrote  many stories of  my life in las vegas in th e 1970’s and as a biographer there a facts of my life and people I was with that  I cannot find, that  I still search for .

I was at Nevada state  museum researching  with another person there and we could  not  find the photos of places and one person of things that were here in the 1980’s. I will continue to talk about my life with you at our  crestview center  next week,

I would like to share the negatives and positives of being a hooker when I was19 years young in 1972-1973- in las vegas, then.