our 1970’s history of the city of las vegas, nv

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town1970’s.

I wanted to write when I was a hooker for thirteen months in las vegas when I was only 18 years young in 1972-1973, every one really called me Vanessa, and that is the name I chose to be called as a prostitute, more than a few people called by my real name , which was also okay.

With our history of las vegas our  criminal court judge . Robert legakes was elected to the bench then in 1972 and served till 1983, with baliff mr r. beckwith.

a 1970’s attorney in our city then was Tony L.Abbantangelo,

Judge seymore brown became our municipal court judge at our old city hall in 1973, his courtoom was on the second floor of our old city hall at e.stewart and fourth, close to our lady luck casino then. Judge seymore brown was an officer of the law at our police station and received his master’s degree in social work at unlv in 1973 and then got elected then .

Dr Maurice Neibaum with nurse Madeline black both gave excellent care to women in the early 1970’s at our sunrise hospital on Maryland pkwy, in the medical bldg.  office in the back of the hospital in medical bldg. office #107.

Enrique salzano ,started the latin chamber  of commerce also on e. stewart ave before old city hall.

mr salzano , a fine jewelry designer and owner of las vegas casting jewelry designs,with  ceron, another businessman that was a jewelry designer, both these jewelry designers opened a business upstairs  office at our fifth and fremont coronet store, also in the early in the 1970’s

and I say as madam Vanessa I wear the costume jewelry from these two businesses from the 1970’s as  a special memory. mr salzano and his family moved his  jewelry business to w, Charleston and Decatur in the 1980’s and retired the business in las vegas in 2005. my  best friends mike smith and bruce yates worked for las vegas casting in the 1970’s. In 1975 mr briare was elected as our major in the city of las vegas and served two terms as our major.

In the 1970’s our  las vegas hotels supported our charities with very nice fund raisers then.

we had in the mid 1970’s a national program with our march of dimes charity with a successful walkathon.

I reference these historical facts about our city of las vegas from our special 1970’s gossip paper, the panorama and a 1973 phonebook, that had my real name and phone # number then from our special collection libraby and the helpful libraby staff at unlv in spring of 1998.

and I also got help ful assistance at our downtown courthouse in fall of 2013.

I will share more stories of my life this week.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today.

a very classy gossip paper called the panorama from las vegas from 1967-1975

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas, talk of the town 1970’s. our special panorama paper, that I have Xeroxed many ad at our special collections libraby at unlv lied libraby. our special collections libraby would be at our james Dickinson libraby till 2oo1.

I am sharing a cute ad from our panorama ad in the year 1970.

this ad says the sit-in for pants man. mr b’ bag. 421 e. fremont ave. las vegas , downtown by fourth street till 1982. I shop at our mr b’s bag for women also on fourth and e. fremont in the 1970’s, this clothing store was expensive, then, I bought a very cute  long blue coat at this place in  1972 and I was disappointed all our cute stores downtown which included penny’s where are gone  when I came back in 1985.

in  February of 1998, I walk up to our special collections libraby with my new friend and writer dennis McBride.  at james Dickinson libraby at unlv,

my plan then is to  research and write about my life in living in las vegas in the 1970’s as prostitute and try to remember as much as I can then, which is really not a lot , because at that time I stayed and wrote and researched  at our special collections libraby  for 6 months only and then I gave up as a writer and  I had no confidence also.

my goal at that time was to donate my  real life story of being a hooker when I was 18 years old, in 1972 to our Nevada women archives, also at our special collections libraby then, now called women archives and also I felt at this time in 1998,  I said to myself then, I started at unlv as a young college woman studying psychology from 1971-1973, that I started at unlv and I  wanted to share my experiences living in las vegas in the 1970’s to contribute to help women.

and that is as far as I got with my writing.

this week I found all my special stories that I wrote in 1998, since I was putting in order all my writing from my 75 radio show. I felt so special finding my real old stories that I shared with all of you on the radio. I will repeat all these special stories on this blog.

and I say nothing is more special to me then spending all my  time at our libraby at unlv in 1998 to write and research and put together my special scrapbook with my writing and all my Xeroxed ads from our 1970’s  gossip paper the panorama, which I will continue to share with you always.

I did go back to our special collections libraby in 2014 at lied libraby at unlv and  I got 30 more Xeroxed ads from our panorama paper, which was wonderful and spend time with our lovely libraby staff, then.

my madam Vanessa radio show ended 3 months ago, but my writing my real life story is very important to me  with very sincere messages to help all women.

being a prostitute at 18 years young , I kept a journal of my life then in 1972 and 1973, I thought this lifestyle of being a hooker was so special because I could be on my own, pay for a small studio apt, buy a car, buy food for myself and always buy clothes and make up and this rough lifestyle of selling  my body for sex and money would really hurt me emotionally and physically, and  stopped enjoying my life and I had no goals in life after being a  hooker.

I think at 19 years young it took a lot of courage to stop being a seller of sex and go home to my parents and sadly leave las vegas then in 1973. I worked very hard at community college t oget  my gpa  to get cal state  Northridge , to have a college  education, which would not be important to me  after being so emotionally hurt by being a 19 year old hooker.

for me it took a very long time to forgive myself for putting myself at risk by selling my body to men for sex and money.

I also write today that it took a lot of courage to come back to the city of las vegas in 1985 and feel my path in the 1970’s and  I worried that 2 people I would remeet from the 1970’s would throw it my face that I was a prostitute and no one did that  to me.

and as  I walk downtown to  remember places from the 1970’s and look for a job at our downtown casinos and  at our Nevada unemployment office 8th and  carson by our western hotel in1985, I  always remember that I felt like, the date arrangers in our hotels where still getting dates for hookers for  c men clients ,staying at our hotels and  I knew  nothing changed in the 1980’s. I honestly have been told the price of a hooker went down in the1990’s by a vp. president  at a strip hotel. when I came back to las vegas in 1985. it was like my whole past of bein g  a hooker , is  what I felt, in september of 1985, I had a cocktail server job  at one hotel that bellman got me dates and all I could thinkabout what is  like for me to take the elevator up to a man’s room when I was 19 and have sex with a stranger and get paid for this service and take the elevator down to meet the bellman at this lv strip hotel and give his  40per cent of thedate.

this did not feel good tome at all. and I write I never told anyone ever  I was a hooker for man y years living  in las vegas till 1998. and I was too afraid    always.

and I decided in 1998 at our special collections libraby with my friend dennis and the libraby staff that it was okay to talk about  my past and I felt comfortable and  safe there writing and researching and sharing  my special stories there.

so today , I really shared with all of you my time spent writing in 1998 was  always special and having a second chance with 75 special written radio shows now  that  I wrote my real memories and to continue on with my writing is all very special and important to me always.

this  is madam Vanessa, signing off.

the spring of 1972 in my life living in las vegas, nv then

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I want to share with  all of you a very special ad from our panorama paper from the year 1970. this ad says :attention – slot and keno players, you can win a new color tv, 4p.m, 10 p.m plus at 1971 ford torino car to be give away October 8th at 11 am at binion’s horseshoe..

when I came back to las vegas in 1985 our culinary union sent for a waitress job at the horsehoe with beverage manager vern eller to work as a food server in the coffee shop, I say well I got an apartment but no job, so pretty soon , I would be at our Nevada job connect ,  downtown on 8th and carson where our container park is now and yes our unemployment office in the 1980’s was always busy then. I would meet a very nice lady by the name of Lorraine a job counselor there, who knew I wanted to get a job as fast as I can as a waitress.

I remember  I was sent out to our bowling alley on Charleston and Decatur, which became our fanatisk  drug store and now our walmart.

then I got to work at our poker palace in north las vegas in 1985 where we pulled our tips , with the sportsbook, the pit and the dealers and the cage, so I never made any money for my eight hours there,so then I would bounce around from casino to casino  with cocktail server jobs ,  at the union plaza for  one month and then finally I got hired at our wonderful dunes casino and hotel, with very nice  food and beverage managers , that were from the thunderbird hotel.

yesterday I wrote about in 1972 I saved my fifty dollars to buy a blue azuki bike to bike ride around our unlv campus and ride around on my bicycle on Maryland pkwy.

this new means of transportation , meant to me I could get a better job, so I went back to our unlv job employment office with sweet mrs . morris and , she gave a green slip to

apply at our ice capades chalet owned by  Ronnie Robertson and maybe his mom , also in our commercial center by our Karen side by Maryland pkwy. I guess I am in march of 1972 , then

so I took a bike ride from unlv dorm at harmon and Maryland pkwy to Karen ave, where the original entrance was to enter to back office of this place and I was allowed to park my 10 speed bike there inside always. when I went to this place to meet my new boss  jerry damshroder, who was also from the san Fernando valley like myself, I also met the other owner dick and his young son Donny.

I was applying for a fry cook on the nites when the ice skating rink was busy and one day shift and I could ice skate after work which I liked.

so I accepted this job unaware, I needed a sheriff’s card and a health card then, and with no car, this was not easy for me to get. I was very determined to get this job  then to have money just t oget out of the dorm on the weekends. I had to have gotten on my ten speed bike to ride downtown to get our special yellow  card sheriff’s card stamped minor for 5.00 then

that I would keep for some reason till I came  back to las vegas and  lose immediately, I say downtown showing  this someone and found me on our computer  in march of 1985.

that bike ride in 1972 to  our sheriff’s office was a long ride from our unlv campus.

about our health card and getting to our health district on shadow lane.

i really sat at our bus stop by our blvd  mall in the daytime in the week and some man asked me if i wanted a ride  in his car and i told him i wanted to get to our health district place for my health card and i offered this man gas money to drive and he said no.

i was so determined to get my work permits card for this job and  i did not care that i accepted a ride from a stranger.

this man was very nice. he waited for me  to get my  health card in his card and then he gave me a ride back to our unlv dorm and i thanked for his help.

on the weekend then  i called my new boss at the ice capades chalet to tell i  was ready to go to  work and to call  mr damshroeder for a schedule this week.

in 2014 i would finally walk thru this place , where the owner dan, i met and told him i worked here in 1972 and dan the owner, gave a whole tour of the place and i photographed this big old place that  had not changed, in 1985 i walked t hru an empty Christian reading room that was big.

and i always remember on this side of commercialcenter, you had the cute clothingand jean store brick top and boris  and one sandwich shop, i neverpaid  attention ,to t theupstairs  area or the las vegas lounge, where i had friends be cooks there in the1990’s and  of  course how could i forget our escorts service place there in 1985, which really upset me then.

i will continue to share my special story  of being at our ice capades chalet in 1972, on my way to meet my new boyfriend dan lee there also.

this madam Vanessa, signing off.

for sweet mrs morris at unlv in 1971

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s,

in the year of 1971 I live on the 6th floor dorm at unlv tononopah hall, we had 2 women resident assistants then.

I went to our student union, which had a drinking fountain, a pool table, maybe 4 places to buy food , then . we have an upstairs floor then, all I remember upstairs is our job employment counselor, mrs morris and  like  I wrote before no one knew what I was talking about when I asked about mrs morris in the 1970’s. I found only one person now in las vegas,

that was a psychology major in 1981 and had  our special psychology teacher that I had for 2  psychology classes, psych 1o1 and 103, Dr . koettel, who I was told in the 1990’s stayed at unlv awhile , just like psych teacher Dr logan, who taught us all statistics then in 1972.

I wanted to write in 1985  I would re visit our dorm at unlv and to me nothing had changed , 12 years later from  1973 and I visited our dorm in 1985 within the first week I was back in las vegas and then I visited our dorm a few years later in the 1990’s and  of course when I accepted to write for my madam Vanessa radio show in june of 2013, I am sitting at our  unl v dorm sofa and sadly we have no privacy laws so I could not get to see our sixth floor,

so I am just as happy to visit our special collections libraby, one year later and  for me as a biographer and a writer is  almost time  for me to get this special libraby for special photos from our sun paper and our review journal.

I say about mrs morris , our job employment counselor, who office was on the 2nd floor of our moyer student  union, in  1971, I went to her office for  a job. The first job for me at unlv is making donuts in our student union at 5 am – 7 am and then I go eat breakfast at our dorm mess hall at 7 am , which became our rebel bookstore, I would have given anything to see an old photo of our dorm mess hall when I was at our special collections libraby at james Dickenson libraby in 1998, which  unlv did not have.

any ways I had this job maybe 5weeks making sweet donuts with lots of sugar, I dropped a part of the machine on the floor and then we had no donuts I guess, so that was the end of my job, and this job paid maybe 1.75 an hour which was  our wage then.

The next time I got another job from Mrs morris, was to sit at a table, in our very special place -wonder world,  in our  Maryland square.

I was selling tickets to a charity basketball game for 10.00 a ticket on Saturday and sunday, in the daytime, I sold two tickets then.

on that  Saturday afternoon, I met a very cute guy who told me to come meet him for  a drink at our fogcutter lounge on paradise,

so Monday afternoon I walked to this place  on paradise and flamingo and there is no continental hotel till 1981.

the fogcutter was a prettyand big place with a black bar and  black tables to sit at.

the cute bartender made me a drink of kahula and  milk and yes this is the first time in a bar at 17 and half years young.

the  cute bartender  that invited me there asked my age and  I told I  was eighteen and he asked me to leave this bar.   yes this was the first time and last time I would be in  our fogcutter lounge in the 1970’s. in 1986 I would be applying there in a new name place as a food waitress, and this place wanted to  hire me but I cannot carry a tray with plates  it took me some time to realize, I was in our fogcutter lounge in the 1980’s and to remember this place with photos of . this place  from our special panorama paper.

now in 1971 as a young college woman at unlv. I saved up enough money to walk all by myself to Maryland and e. sahara ave. past our commercial center and across  the street to go into an athletic store and by a very pretty blue azuki, ten speed bike fo r. 50 dollars.

now I can ride back to our dorm to Maryland  pkwy  and harmon.

I wanted to write it about February 1972 a nd I turned 18 years old now

and very soon, I  will taking a special bike  ride to commercial center, to  our Karen ave, into our  san franciso square for  a job there , that gonna  change my life forever.

I will continue this special bike ride and my new  job  at our ice  capades chalet in our san franciso square shopping center on e. Karen ave and Maryland in 1972.

this  is madam Vanessa signing off.

I will journal my  real life stories before I became a  young woman as a 19 year old hooker in las vegas, nv in 1972

when i lived in las vegas in 1971-1972, not as a hooker

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

I remembered this week from always writing that a parcel of land in 1972 or an acre on the las vegas strip could be purchased for 4000.oo and you needed to have  the mineral rights to this land sale otherwise you were screwed with this expensive purchase. also at this time I was told it was wise to invest in commodities , like coffee and sugar, oh well I never made enough money as a prostitute to invest in these things.

I start unlv in 1971 as a psychology major and live in our only dorm Tonopah hall, our 6th floor is our only women’s floor. we have  phonebooths to call home on the sixth floor.

our dorm mess hall is our unlv book store now and I really did ask our special collections libraby for a photo of the dorm mess hall in the 1970’s and this was in 1998  I was our special libraby in February of 1998, till july then researching  our las vegas history in the 1970’s , all my hangouts and my life then to start writing for over 6 months, that I shared with  all of you on my 18 months on my madam Vanessa radio show, my radio show was cancelled due the station was sold and I guess wanted a  different format of music and sports, is what I was told and when my show got cancelled, I  had just celebrated and remembering my 30 years  of living in las vegas, which would be special to me  and I am downtown, remembering our old city  hall and being photographed there with our lovely young people at zappos,  yes I was at our city hall in march of 1985 on the first floor, re-meeting someone I had not seen since 1973, which was always special to me, that day and that person also.

let’s go back to my dorm life, the first year I had a roommate named Sharon benson and in 1972 she married her boyfriend bill, I would see Sharon in 1985 at a clothing store,but I was too far to catch up with her, I also met another woman from the dorm , her name was Margaret and  I re met her in 1985, and I was so excited to see Margaret, I misplaced her phone number,

but my special friendship is with buff tstoris, I believe that is her last name and buff and I go to unlv with my friend in city hall to take social work classes together and like I wrote before it was about 1988 that  I found unlv assoc alumni, to help me find  my friend buff , who graduated unlv with her master’s in social work in 1973, like my friend at city hall and I called our unlv alumni assoc ,so many times  thru our many decades in las vegas and they never helped me ever and it is sad to me as I write my memories that I could re-meet my friend buff.

when I live in our dorm, I wanted to get a job close to school, so I met with our very sweet woman mrs, morris on our second floor of the moyer student union,  our student job placement counselor and when I ask people who went to unlv ,then no knows who was mrs morris. oh well.

maybe this is the reason, when I am unlv campus is   just to visit our libraby at special collections libraby at our lied libraby, to write, laugh and research and remember how special unlv is to me always.

I will share with all of you my dorm life before as I say now everyone gonna call me Vanessa and I  am an 18 yearold hooker , living in lasvegasnv and thinking this life is so glamorous and exciting with the money and all the  nice  people , I met in our formal 1970’s las vegas and one day as  young woman as a prostitute, I would realize the life of a callgirl at a young age would take my special dream of getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology at unlv and  I could never ever get this special dream, which is like a lost memory to me always.

this is madamvanessa, signing off today

meeting a cab driver on the road paradise road

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town, 1970″s,

one afternoon I was walking up to our mayfair market by harmon and paradise. I lived at our rebel apt then in  may  of 1972. It is hot in las vegas then to me.

so I am wearing a t-shirt , my sunglasses on my eyes and I have my purse. this is my first trick as a hooker, this cab driver stops in his car and said do you want to party and I said how much, he offered me 30 bucks to touch my boobs and give him a blow job in his car.

so I told him to stop his car and I got into his cab and I asked his name and I noticed he was an older man with black hair and glasses. his name was gab , I told him  I’m Vanessa and I told him he was the first trick I ever gonna get paid for giving him a blow job.

so l let him play with my tits, I was not scared of him and then I undid his pants and got his dick out of his pants and I played with him and got his penis hard and then I so slowly his man rod,

and I felt like I was gonna choke sucking his dick and that is what happened , I spit up from not being using to his dick and yes this guy got mad at me and gave my 20.00 and dropped me home. I gave him tel# hoping to get some dates from him with guys.which never happened and  and when we were together  undressed in his car we just pulled the car into a dirt lot by paradise and naples. I was with him for an hour maybe.

so he dropped me off close to my apt and I saw my boyfriend dan and told dan, I made 20 dollars as a callgirl and then dan couldnot belive I had so much nerve to pick up a man for money   and have oral sex for 20.00

looking back this was not the last time I had sex with men for money in their cars as  a young woman in 1972-1973. being a hooker.

I believe this still goes on and  what I want to write, when I first came back to our city of las vegas, in march of 1985, I  lived at 11th ave and stewart for some time and I walked many days  on e.stewart to 8 th and carson to our Nevada job connect and maybe lunch at our western hotel counter and 2x time , it is windy and cold in march so I am bundled up in warm clothes then and I am 31 years young.

so the first time I walk on e.stewart to carson ave, one big man pulled up into  to me in his car and waited for me to get in to  his car and I did not . then one day en route to 8th and carson, I walked on ogden and these two men were chasing in the daytime and I finally walked onto

fremont street and got away from these two scary men. I was glad to  our unemployment office that day. iguess men still look for hookers on downtown  and on our las vegas strip is what I am told these days. I say to all of you, I think it is very dangerous to pick up men for sex and money in cars, you can be kidnapped. beaten up , thrown out of  a car naked and get ripped off and catch v.d and get very sick. I keep meaning to write I learned this being  a volunteer educator  aids for aids  of Nevada in 1994 in las vegas, nv if you are a seller of sex and you have unprotected sex with a john for money and you  get arrested for solitication as a paid whore and you get tested for hiv/aids. which will happen and if you test postitive for hiv. aids you go to jail as  a felony for a long time and you are sick in jail is that  worth for a glamorous life as a callgirl making money selling your body to have sex with strangers.

that was my honest story and a sincere message for all of you out there thinking about  being an illegal prostitute in clark county, in las  vegas ,n v.

I have  lots of stories  to share with all of and very sincere messages to help all of you.

bye  for now.

this is madam Vanessa, signing off

i met a name named willy at our adult theatre at our crestwood adult center in 1972

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town, 1970’s. In may of 1972, when I was 18 years plus and half.  my boyfriend dan drove me down to our adult theatre, mini gallery to be dropped at the front parking lot on the side of eastern ave, I met an African – American man maybe is his forties. he told me his name was willy and he worked as a bar back at our sands hotel. I got into his car, and told willy I charge forty dollars and to take me back to the adult theatre after were  finished.

willy and I went to some old apt that we walked upstairs. I was not afraid of this man at all and knowing  that I would  have gotten to undress to have sex with him as a stranger  did not bother me then. we walked up to his old apt and then we both got on the bed and I laid down and then we had fast sex and this man came inside me. then we both got dressed and willie gave my forty dollars  and then we got into his car and he drove back to our adult theatre and I went

inside to pay my pimp, the manager of this porn theatre his five dollar fee for the date setup.

I had sex with willie one more time in the daytime at his old apt,  he then wrote me a forty dollar check, that I cashed at the bank with my boyfriend dan, and this check bounced and my boyfriend dan and I called willie and asked for my money and willie did nothing to fix this.

so I got ripped off as a hooker for the  first time, which I did not like.

I wanted to paid for my services  as a seller of sex.   I felt really taken of advantage and I told my pimp at the porn theatre what happened also.

my first trick was not at  our theatre, it was with a cab driver in his car, who wanted a blow job in his car and we drove around naples and paradise,

I will share more about this the next time I write

I have lots of stories to share with you

signing off – madam vanessa