many special things for me in 1970’s las vegas,nv

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

I just wanted to write  today about all the special things to me in las vegas in the years  1971-1973 when I started to attend college at unlv as a psychology major and I lived at our only dorm, Tonopah hall, on our 6th floor, which was a women’s floor then.

I always want to remember my friend buff, our resident assistant at our dorm,  who would get her master’s  in social work at unlv, who I always searched for when I came back to las vegas in 1985,  I guess some thing are not meant to be.

I dated my boyfriend dan lee in 1972 for 10 months and the best way I got rid of him  in  april in 1973 and I say in justice for all with a  marshall , that was visiting our unlv campus security a this time and this nice marshall overheard my story with my trouble with my boyfriend and very sincerely offered to help me.

my time spent with bruce yates and his best friend mike smith who worked for las vegas casting jewelry designers as jewelery designers in 1972 and 1973 inside our coronet building by fremont and fifth, then and it was so special to re-meet my  young friends as grown ups with wives and families in 1985 at our cooler lounge.

Being good friends with Richard Thurmond, the real owner of the

rainbow casino in Henderson and this man knew a lot of people, for in 1972 he lived in las vegas for  20 years by then. I really always enjoyed getting to know this man as a young woman being a hooker and had fun also dating this guy.

having a very honest friendship always withm y- friend that  was an officer of the law  and this friendship lasted 6 months  until I left las vegas in may 0f 1973 and then this nice man helped me again in july of 1973, when I made the decision to leave las vegas, then for good , since there was nothing left for me  in 1973 at 19 years young.

I am grateful to this good and honest man, that I re-meet in 1985, that always help me very much to get settled in our town in lasvegas, in 1985.

I have much more to write  what is very important to me  living in las vegas , nv in the 1970’s.

thank you  for reading my blog today, from madam Vanessa.

shelley bristol

I wish all of you a very happy and healthy new year




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